About the project

Harrow Council won a major grant earlier this year to support the creation of a public square in Lyon Road and a “pop up test restaurant” on the former Cumberland Hotel site. The local community helped to shape the initial ideas, and now we need your input to help develop the design.

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What is the project brief?

The brief includes three main elements:

1. A new public square on Lyon Road which could include space for markets, events, outdoor seating, and play.

2. Kiosks for local food and other businesses, including art exhibition space.

3. A pop-up test restaurant with industrial kitchen providing opportunities for small local food businesses to experiment and grow.


How will we engage with you?

We have planned a series of events and meetings to involve you in the design process and keep you updated on progress. Most of the events will be public, but some will be targeted to specific groups such as young people or those with specific access needs. We are also working with students from Harrow College on some aspects of the project, providing a real life educational case study and opportunities for work experience.

The first public event was at Harrow’s Christmas Party on Saturday 24th November 2018. You can see the material from this event online here.

The second public event was at Gayton Library on Saturday 9th March 2019. You can see the material from this event online here.



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